Your Ghost

This band called Your Ghost released an EP. Check it out.

Pennsylvania has churned out a great deal of awesome into the music industry (e.g. August Burns Red, The Wonder Years, Breaking Benjamin, the list goes on). YOUR GHOST is definitely on there way to scratching their name onto the list of greats. Fresh out of West Chester, Austin Gray, Josh Giannone, and Matt Karver formed YOUR GHOST in 2009 and released their debut EP in late 2011.

If Nirvana married The White Stripes and had a super baby, you would have YOUR GHOST. The vocals are the bands signature; their haunting whispers, backed by their fierce and at times a little unsettling (in that good way) bass riffs captivate an audience. The track “Light” captures a softer side of YOUR GHOST, and is my personal favorite off of the EP. The other four tracks are up-tempo, and pretty brooding, but, “bad-ass” nonetheless.

YOUR GHOST has a lot of talent, and is absolutely a band to be paying attention to. They are surely up and coming and hopefully have more up their sleeve for us in 2012.

- Lauren Ray

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